We've recently added

Exosome Therapy

for our patients!

Prolotherapy has consistently demonstrated its effectiveness in the treatment and cure of pain associated with:

Neck and back pain · Arthritis · Migraine and chronic headache · TMJ · Whiplash ·  Shoulder, arm, and wrist pain · Carpal tunnel syndrome · Tennis elbow · Back and hip pain · Knee, ankle, and foot spurs · Heel spurs · Arthritis · Joint pain · Fibromyalgia · Loose tendons or ligament injury.

Denise G.

"Prolotherapy performed a miracle - you healed my neck and migraines. My quality of life is so much better. Not only am I not suffering with pain, but I am happier (my family thanks you)." 

Mark H.

My experience with Dr. Allina has been nothing but positive. He really has been a health care professional who doesn’t want to just keep treating his patients; he wants to make them well again. 


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