FAA Medical Exam

We have a passion for helping pilots stay safe in the skies! Dr. Allina has been serving the aviation community in this way since 1977. We've simplified this process into a few easy steps: 



Determine what type of Medical you need. This varies a bit depending on what type of flying you are doing. 

Single turboprop aircraft on the ground

1st Class Medical Exam

A 1st class medical certificate is needed if you are a professional pilot exercising the privileges of your Airline Transport Pilot certificate.

2nd Class Medical Exam

You'll want to apply for a 2nd class medical certificate if you are a commercial pilot and are getting paid to fly airplanes.

3rd Class Medical Exam

The 3rd class medical certificate is required for student and private pilots when they are acting as Pilot In Command. If you fly for business or pleasure, this is most likely the certificate for you!


Fill out your MedXPress form. You'll need to create an account and complete this form before coming in for your exam. It's usually best to print out the competed form as well. At the very least, we'll need your confirmation number to find your form in our system. 


Call the office and schedule your exam! +1 (260) 434-1619