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Dear Dr. Allina and Staff,


This letter is so overdue, BUT… I feel that I need to write this letter to you. I need to tell you how truly grateful I am. I feel sooooooooooo GOOD!!!


I walk 6 days a week. Always trying to keep weight in check. I love squirming around in bed and getting up in the morning with NO pain. My shoulder is also without pain.


Did I happen to mention how grateful I am?


Please greet your nurse for me. I will come clean about recollecting her name, nevertheless, I have not forgotten her steady encouragement during those difficult days of healing. She has never left my mind and heart. When you, dear Doctor, seem to have had some misgiving if Prolo Therapy would work this time around for me, she was so great and there encouraging me. I hung on to that encouragement.


Perhaps during the winter I will have my knees done. For right now, I am on recumbent Terra Trike, biking between the prayer house and the Motherhouse. This exercise has proven most helpful.


Thanks again. I am beyond grateful,


S. Nancy Raboin

Dear Dr. Allina,

After finding out the cartilage in my knee had been worn away from years of running and other physical activities, I chose to avoid knee replacement surgery and work with Dr. Allina instead.


Dr Allina used PRP and stem cell injections to rebuild the supporting soft tissue around my knee with pleasing results. My knee is more stable and flexible than before these treatments. I am grateful to Dr. Allina for improving the functioning of my knee and giving me an alternative to surgery.

Marlene Parker


Dear Dr. Allina,

After 8 rounds of PRP and almost a year of treatment, I have disappeared from your schedule. Each visit, you would end with something like, “Go on, disappear and live your life!” Honestly, I wondered if and when that day would ever come.


Although I think you do remember me, I am the little chatty pharmacist, who bombarded you with oodles of questions and doubt. I will truly NEVER forget the day that I met you, because you so confidently said, “ I CAN FIX YOU.”  Even though my emotions were up and down like a rollercoaster on this journey, that phrase was always in the back of my mind. You have no idea how much your confidence helped me continue treatments over the past year. I’m sure you remember how IMpatient I was as a patient, so the slow unpredictable recovery was a real test of my trust and faith.


After 8 rounds of PRP, although I had significantly improved, I was still really struggling with the inability to sit for very long and the pain in my spine whenever I would bend. I wasn’t sure what to do next, because I thought that I did not receive a spike in improvement after the last set of injections. I had begun praying for wisdom and I planned to visit with you and discuss the next step. At this time, Julie called me to reschedule my appointment. I took this opportunity to try something new.


In late June, I started Astym therapy with a physical therapist. You repeatedly told me that you suspected micro tearing deep in the buttock and it could be the source of my sitting pain. The objective of Astym is to tear any scar tissue that could have formed, incorrectly, when the area was healing and my PT explained that I would notice a difference in only 3 visits if the treatment worked. I thought it was worth a shot, so I began Astym therapy twice a week over my buttock and down my spine. Along the spine, she noticed that 4 vertebrae were very tight and behaving like they were fused. When I bent, they did not flex, at all. And the area showed edema.


I am thrilled to report that it has worked! My spine is now flexing, as it was designed to do , and my buttock pain has diminished. There is still some pain every day, but it is much more manageable now. What truly amazes me, however, is that I now have ZERO pain at the left side of the sacrum, where you injected so many times. Let me repeat that - ZERO. This is not to say that I can do everything I want. I have chosen to give up running and high intensity interval training. I did some raking last week, and I did experience some ‘achiness’ in that area, but I was able to rest and recover. That is something I could have not done in the past 5 years. My pelvis would have rotated and required the assistance of a therapist or D.O. manipulation to rotate it back into place. MY SI JOINT IS NOW STABLE.


Looking back over the past couple of years at this nightmare, it has changed me. I now appreciate being able to do things that I always took for granted. I am more grateful, more kind, more compassionate as a pharmacist and human being. I am learning to let the little things go in life, because they really don’t matter. There is absolutely no doubt that the good Lord put you in my path and you were forced to deal with my routine calls and crying because my recovery (to me) was so slow and uncertain. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE, Dr. Allina. You did fix me… in more ways that one.


Dawn Davis


I am a 67 year old woman who had taken several falls in a two month period. Six months later, I was still in so much pain in my hips, neck, and shoulders that I was unable to function normally during the day or sleep at night. Fortunately, I hadn’t broken any bones so I tried chiropractors to get some relief but that only provided a temporary fix then the pain returned fully in a day or two. I was starting to have some stomach issues from taking pain pills and did not want to depend on them any longer. A friend of mine told me about Dr. Allina and thought he might be able to help me.


I decided to try the Tissue Graft and the Plasma Injections Dr. Allina suggested for my hips. After two weeks, I was amazed at how much the pain had subsided. Within a few more weeks even the pain I was experiencing in my shoulders and neck went away also. I was shocked! I thought I might need other injections to relieve those areas.


I cannot give Dr. Allina and the procedure a high enough recommendation. I’m enjoying a normal life again and sleeping for the first time in months, It’s like a miracle, no surgery needed!


An extremely satisfied patient,

Bobby L. Smith

To whom it may concern: 

I injured my back for the first time in 1987 while working in construction and was unable to work for 6 months. I missed a lot of work over the next several years due to problems with my back. 

In 1999, while working in tool & die shop, I injured my back again by lifting too much weight. For a number of months, I could work only part of the time. Finally in Feb 2000, I went on temporary disability with Workers Comp. for 2 years. 

In 2002, I was able to work as a short order cook with reduced hours and strict weight lifting restrictions. In Dec. 2004, I slipped and injured my back again. The massage therapist I was seeing told me about Prolotherapy. Another one of his clients was seeing Dr. Alfred Allina in Fort Wayne and was amazed by the results. 

I contacted Dr. Allina January 2005 for consultation session and he assured me that he could completely relieve my pain. I had my first injections on Jan. 24, 2005 and my final ones on May 2, 2005. I am completely off the pain medications and my back feels the best it has felt since 1987. 

I am 45 years old and feel great! All of the pain and discomfort I have been living with for the past 17 years is gone! I would never have thought it was possible! Dr. Allina has been a real blessing! He is the only doctor that did not tell me I would have to learn to live with the pain and medications. 

Thank you Dr. Allina for giving me my life back! 

Doug F.

Dear Dr. Allina, 

Words cannot express my gratitude for the help you’ve given me. It wasn’t long ago that my life was debilitated by the neck and pain and migraines I had suffered from for 19 years. During that time I had been to so many doctors and tried every kind of therapy under the sun, to no avail. 

At the recommendation of a chiropractor, I came to see you. Everything you said made sense, and I made my first prolotherapy appointment. I did research online, and it all looked promising. Even so, I was skeptical—I had tried so many other things—and afraid of being disappointed once again by promises of help. This would be the most invasive procedure I’d tried, and I was also nervous about that. I came very close to canceling the appointment the day before it was scheduled. 

Thank God I didn’t. Prolotherapy (and you) performed a miracle—you healed my neck and migraines. My quality of life is so much better. Not only am I not suffering with pain, but I am happier (my family thanks you). 

I’ve told everyone I know about prolotherapy, especially those who suffer similar pain. I’m grateful to you for giving me back my life again! 

With great gratitude,

Denise G.

Dear Dr. Allina,

I wanted to take a few minutes to give a heartfelt thank you to you and your staff for helping me to return to good health. Over the last couple of years you have successfully treated my chronic neck, back, hip, and pelvic pain with Prolotherapy. My pain originated from a horseback riding accident, a car crash, over a decade of heavy lifting, and bearing two children on top of the everyday abuse a body can take. I suffered continuously from muscle spasms and joint pain that other physicians and therapist had virtually said I would have to live with. After three extensive treatments with Prolotherapy of all the affected areas I am 95% pain free!!! I rarely have a flare up of pain and it is always associated with hard use. I am free of daily headaches, muscle spasms, and joint pain that plagued me for over 14 years before you offered me help. The last treatment I received was under conscious sedation, which made the Prolotherapy virtually painless! I recommend that option for all extensive treatments.

Your expertise, willingness to try alternative therapies and persistence in finding relief for your patient discomfort helped me once again this past summer. I had become ill beginning in March of this year and had repeated bouts of Strep throat, respiratory problems, sinus problems and flu-like symptoms, which were treated with repeating rounds of antibiotics. However I kept getting more ill as time went on. I was having incredible joint pain of every joint in my body. My physician was testing me for chronic and acute disease including Lupus, Rheumatoid arthritis, and leukemia to name a few. I went through allergy testing as well. I was told I might have Chronic Fatigue syndrome or Fibromyalgia. I would not accept that and kept pushing for more tests to find the source of the problem. My profession as a registered nurse with 14 years of critical care experience and I am currently working in a healthcare quality field. I was extremely frustrated with the medical care I was receiving. Mainstream medicine was failing me.

The day I couldn't raise my arms due to the pain my husband called you in desperation. Within minutes you gave us hope and a potential diagnosis of "Leaky Gut Syndrome" which results in having an overwhelming systemic yeast infection. I was ready to try anything to regain my health. You assisted in ordering the test and speaking with my local physicians to get the medications I needed. You counseled me on the diet changes I needed including supplements. Within days I was feeling better. With a week the joint pain was gone. Within a month my energy level was returning. I was returning to health! Three months later I am in control of my life again and feel fantastic!

I am spreading the word about your services and approach to patient care every opportunity I get. I am also encouraging others to continue to seek treatment for health problems that mainstream medicine has essentially given up on. You provide a wonderful service and hope for many desperate people. For that I thank you and your staff with all my heart. May you be blessed with satisfaction and pride from your work and most importantly, with your own good health.


Monica R.

Dear. Dr. Allina,

This is a thank you for introducing me to prolotherapy and to inform and encourage other people about this form of pain management.

In November of 1997 I sustained a torn meniscus of the left knee which left me limping and frequently kept me awake at night with burning pain at the site. The torn meniscus was diagnosed by MRI.

Being an RNA who works in surgery and often observes knee arthroscopy I was willing to defer this surgery and undergo prolotherapy when Dr. Allina approached me and explained the process and results to me. I had never heard of Prolotherapy or Reconstructive Therapy as it is sometimes called, but I was willing to go it a try, especially when I heard Dr. Allina himself had undergo this form of pain management for his back.

I must admit I was somewhat skeptical at first, but that would soon end. I was Dr. Allina’s first prolotherapy patient. After several sessions, I am never awakened at night by left knee pain. I no longer limp because of pain in my left knee. I would say the pain is 90 percent gone without surgery or losing work.

Thank you Dr. Allina… and for other skeptics I would urge you to give it a try.


Nancy G., RN

Dr. Allina,

Thank you so much for the relief the injection therapy as brought me!

I was having muscle spasms in my lower back once every four months, causing me to miss work and to move with great difficulty. Since starting the injections last November to tighten the iliolumbar ligament in my lower back, I have not had another occurrence of muscle spasms. I have been able to play basketball, exercise on a treadmill, and go sledding with my family (with 2 or 3 children on my back!) without muscle spasms occurring after the activity (which used to be the case).

I look forward to continuing my active, pain-free, spasm-free life thanks to the injection therapy.


Gregg B.

Dear Dr. Allina,

Thank you for making prolotherapy available in Fort Wayne! I have been a dental assistant for over 30 years and my job has taken a toll on my neck and back. After going to the chiropractor every 2 weeks for almost 2 years I found that my muscle pain level was not improving, and I was still constantly popping out of adjustment. I felt like I was fighting a losing battle. After receiving multiple prolotherapy treatments on my neck, shoulders, mi-back, lower back, and also some laser therapy, I feel like a new person. 90% of my pain has gone away and I no longer pop out of adjustment. My neck and back has so much more strength and stability. Strengthening the tendons and ligaments is such a huge part of recovering from the chronic pain I have been experiencing. I still go to the chiropractor once a month for maintenance, but I know with more prolotherapy there is hope I will be pain free and my chiropractic visits will become less. I know now that I have work as long as I need to be as active as I was before neck and back pain slowed me down. 

I am also glad that you checked the yeast and bacterial levels of my digestive system. Getting those levels back in balance has virtually wiped out my sinus problems and allergy symptoms. I feel so much better! 

Thank you Dr. Allina for caring enough to provide people with all the alternative treatments that you do. You are a wonderful and special doctor!  Also, prolotherapy is a great way to treat TMJ pain. I recommend it highly!



P.S. Thank you Julie and Marina!

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Joint Pain


To Whom It May Concern: 

I recently made an appointment with Dr. Allina because of pain, swelling, and crepitus in my knees. I am a physical education teacher, volunteer EMT, and a professional pilot. All of these occupations require me to be ambulatory, be able to squat and lift heavy objects and at times, run.  I had a visited a local orthopedic group on several occasions. They X-rayed my knees and told me that my knees were just wearing out and that I should “take it easy” so my knees would last longer before I needed replacements.  Not being one who could see himself just sitting around and “taking it easy”, I visited Dr. Allina, who I had used in my past for my flight physicals. I shared my X-rays and symptoms with the good doctor and he quickly developed and explained a 3 tiered plan to make my knees well again. 

The first level of intervention was to get me started on MSN (Alpha-Sul-flex), Glucosamine Sulfate, and Hyaluronic Acid. If this did not work he would begin using laser and prolotherapy.  I have never been a big believer in supplements. When Dr. Allina recommended that I started the aforementioned regiment of pills, I agreed but was really shaking my head inside, thinking it will be a waste of time and money. 

After one week on supplements, the pain and swelling in my knees was completely gone. After 6 weeks, the crepitus was reduced by 90%. Quite honestly, I still find it hard to believe. But, since I first started taking supplements, I have been hiking in the mountains of Vermont, helped my son move a friend out of a second story apartment, and been water skiing, all pain and swelling free. 

My experience with Dr. Allina has been nothing but positive. He really has been a health care professional who doesn’t want to just keep treating his patients; he wants to make them well again. 

Mark H.

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Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Allina. I contacted his office about eight weeks ago. I was experiencing extreme pain in my left knee. This pain had been keeping me up at night for several months. Additionally, my knee had begun locking up on me. I enjoy working out and playing tennis. I was struggling to do both because of my knee pain. I met with Dr. Allina and we opted to do platelet rich plasma injections (PRP.)

The happy ending to this story is that my knee is now perfect. The pain is gone, it does not lock up and I am able to play tennis and work out again. I have experienced several major knee surgeries and am now wondering why I did not try PRP a long time ago. The procedure was painless and the recovery was so quick. Within a week most of my pain was gone and at 8 weeks after the procedure, I am playing some of the best tennis I have played in years! I highly recommend this procedure. Additionally, I believe I would be remiss if I failed to comment on Dr. Allina. He is competent, kind and present. He listens and is in no hurry to get to his next appointment. Everything about my experience was positive.


Alanna Craft-Denton

I was 78 years old when on the first of August 2017, I tripped and fell, landed on my right shoulder. I was diagnosed with a torn rotator cuff by an orthopedic surgeon. He requested a MRI so he could determine the amount of damage and therefore would require the extent of the surgery. After three failed attempts getting the MRI due to the pain endured in the machine, I discovered Dr. Fred Allina. Dr. Allina simply used ultrasound to determine the location and extent of the tear. He then drew blood from my arm, reduced it to plasma and platelets, injected this into the shoulder at the torn rotator cuff. Dr. Allina told me not to lift anything heavy for 6 weeks, he said “let it heal.” I waited 8 weeks before returning to playing golf, with no pain!!!My shoulder returned to 100% healed. Had I done surgery it would have been one year before I could resume playing golf.

Neil Cooper

Columbia City, IN

Dear Dr. Allina:

I wanted to write and express my thanks for all the help and treatment you have provided since I began seeing you to address the plethora of pain management issues I have dealt with over the last few years. Being a former national level gymnast who transitioned into being a professional dancer, it was expected that my body would suffer from years of chronic stress and strain associated with my career. 

What I did not expect was that the treatment you have provided for me over the past months would extend my ability to perform and be as athletically actives as I am today. Most beneficial have been the prolotherapy treatments I received on my left shoulder, lower back, and my ankles. Before beginning prolotherapy treatment, I dealt with chronic, severe pain in my shoulder, lower back, and feet. I was beginning to think that there was no hope for improving these conditions. I am also an emphatic believer now in platelet replacement therapy you provide, as one treatment in my right ankle has helped provide as much healing and relief as three prolotherapy treatments on my left ankle. 

Along with these treatments and the medications adjustments and supplement information and guidance you have provided, I am now able to train and perform again with much improved recovery time in between. I believe in being an active participant in my own healing process, and your ability and willingness to listen and address my specific concerns has been greatly appreciated. I look forward to a continued partnership with you in treating my pain management and anti-aging issues as they unfold.

I also would like to express my appreciation and gratitude for your wonderful staff as they are always courteous and prompt in assisting you and me in addressing my presenting issues.

With gratitude and appreciation, 

Chris K.

My Personal Testimony 

My name is Edward. I am a 72 year old man who had an accident playing ping pong. I slipped in a water puddle and did the splits. I landed on a hard surface and the inside of my knee joints took the brunt of the fall. An ice pack was applied to my knees to reduce the swelling and I went to have my knees checked with an x-ray machine immediately. There were no broken or fractured bones, only ligaments to the knees were stretched, which caused me pain. 

Not knowing what to do about my knee pain for about a month, I found out about Dr. Alfred Allina, who practices holistic medicine. I told him about my physical pain and after examination of my knees, he said that I should have Prolotherapy to help regenerate the knees ligaments. I agreed and had two treatments about a month apart. With each treatment he harvested two vials of blood, separated the platelets, and injected this solution into my knee joints.

With a few days after the first treatment, I had a significant reduction in pain and after two months, my knees were pain free. 

Now comes the real test. I told Dr. Allina I planned to go skiing for ten consecutive days in Colorado and he told me to avoid the black diamond runs and moguls. I listened to my doctor and skied for two to three hours everyday and I never had a bit of pain during the entire ten day vacation. 

This is the honest to goodness truth and I am standing by it, so help me God. 

Thank you Dr. Alfred Allina. 

Your patient,


Platelet Injections

By the time I was 45 years old I had already had 3 surgeries on my left shoulder. I have lived with tendonitis in my left arm for 15 years. I tried physical therapy, new drugs, and acupuncture with not much relief. There were times I would scratch my skin off my arm or bruise it from rubbing/itching it so hard to get relief.

While watching “The Doctors” on TV they told me about “Platelet Injections” for “tendonitis/tennis elbow”. So on the internet I went to find me a doctor that does platelet injections. To my surprise I could not find a doctor in Ohio who does this treatment. After talking to a woman at the OSU Hospital she told me they had patients go out of state for this treatment. So back to the internet I went to check out of states surrounding Ohio. And that is how I found Dr. Allina.

I drove 2 hours for my 1st appointment in Fort Wayne. After my 1 hour consultation we both agreed that I would benefit with platelet injections. He was kind enough to go ahead with my 1st treatment that day even though it was no scheduled because of the distance I drove. After my 1st injection I was please with getting some relief but a 2nd treatment was going to have to be done. After my 2ndinjection I couldn’t believe how much better my arm was. In fact I was not sure if I needed to keep my 3rd appointment but I wanted to be sure that I was healed and pain free. 

I would encourage anyone to try this treatment. It is not a painful procedure. I worked 2 days later. I am a hairdresser to so my arms are my income. 

I am so happy with my outcome with platelet injections. 

Marj W., Ohio

Doctor Allina,

I came into your office a very skeptical person.  My niece recommended you and I wanted to trust her opinion.  After I came to your office and met you, I knew my niece was right.  I went through the procedure you recommended and I feel wonderful.  I had arthritis in my thumb joints with a lot of pain.  You have saved my hands from pain and I have been able to do much more than I anticipated.

Thank you for that.  I would NOT be afraid to recommend you to anyone.

Again, Thank you so much,

Sandi G.

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Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy


Dr. Allina,

Thank you! Thank you!  I'm 67 yrs. old, and definitely did not want hip replacement.  After the series of four injections your work was done, the hip was feeling fine.  I could tell all my pain was from muscles and tendons.  After a lot of exercising and stretching I believe all the cracking and popping in my hip is done, you told me to give it till July, it is now Oct. and I'm still improving.  I'm feeling great and so thankful that I came to you.  I would tell others that this is not for couch potatoes.

Bless you and your work, I will be forever grateful.

H. P.


Dear Dr. Allina,

Since having regenerative injection therapy I have been almost completely pain free!

My left ankle was in terrible pain from a shredded tendon and the procedure you performed was the perfect treatment.

Rather than having surgery and then 6 weeks on crutches I had almost NO down time with the injection therapy!!

I now can walk or run and I can wear my heels again (from the first time in a year).

Thank you so much for treating my pain! I would definitely recommend this treatment for anyone that has pain in joints, ligaments or muscle.


Janie Degitz

Dear Dr. Allina,

When I entered your office doors, I was skeptical of the stem cell procedure, but my options were limited since my right knee was bone-on-bone. I decided to take a chance on the stem cell and platelet injections to avoid surgery. It was the best decision I made. After one injection into my right knee I obtained 80% relief, and after the second injection 99.5% relief. I took four laser treatments after each injection. Rarely does my knee hurt now and I can walk over a mile.


I also want to thank Julie, office receptionist, for her cheery greetings and efficient care in getting information I requested.


Gena Duncan, MSEd, MSN